EP53 Downwind sailing to Suva – Exploring Fiji’s Capital City.

We have a very relaxed downwind sail from Fulaga to Suva. Once in Suva, we abandon the busy, noisy, unprotected Suva harbour and seek shelter in the lovely Lami Bay. We then begin exploring what Suva has to offer. After two months of quiet, laid- back village life, it takes a few days to get used to the faster pace of the big city.

We take advantage of the great selection of fresh fruit and veggies in the huge market and restock the larder from the myriad of supermarkets and general stores. We top up the fuel tanks, replenish the LPG and explore eat a phenomenal amount of outstanding vegan Indian food in the local shopping mall.

We team up with our friends on ‘Serenity’ and enjoy a cracking day out at the Coro-i-Suva national park. Then once again, it’s time to move on. Next stop – Ono Island

Footage from September 2019