EP68 Watery wrecks and outstanding octopus.

This week we leave downtown Majuro and head out to explore two anchorages on the North side of the lagoon. After a quick six mile sail we stop at Enamanet where we unpack our dive gear and jump into the crystal clear lagoon waters. We enjoy our time exploring a shipwreck, a sunken plane and two helicopters. 

We use our Coltri dive compressor for the first time and spend time refilling dive tanks, in between making our first batch of kambucha and taking Daisy the drone for a test flight.

After a very enjoyable few days we up-anchor and travel the additional 2 miles west to Eneko. Here we snorkel the shallow reef and spend time chilling out with a laid back octopus. 

A old fishing boat was sunk near one of the moorings, so we roll in for a dive with Curtis and Julie from ‘Manna’ and Andrew and Alex from ‘Offshore Haven’. 

A traditional canoe anchors in front of us so we go and check it out and get Daisy up for a good look.

Footage from February 2020


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