EP70 A TRICKY Check In as The World Shut Down Begins ! Majuro to Maloelap

After 6 weeks in Majuro we utilise our outer atoll cruising permits and head north to Maloelap atoll to do some exploring .

The journey starts out quite lively with twenty five knot winds on the beam and a confused sea state which makes life a tad uncomfortable. We have a busy night sail with a few squalls keeping interesting and not conducive to a nights sleep for those off-watch.

Over the course of the night the wind drops off , so we motor the last couple of hours to the pass on the south side of Maloelap Atoll. We head up to Taroa Island on the north east corner of the atoll and wait for another 35 knot squall to pass before putting the hook down in front of the village.

Later in the day we are greeted by the local policeman who comes to the back of DT in one of the villages long boats. There was an announcement from the prime minister that morning banning all international travel to the Marshall islands. Confusion abounds … Can we stay? Do we have to turn back ?

Footage from March 2020


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