This is where we will tell you a little bit about ourselves. We are Jo and Rob, hubby and wife who sold up, bought a boat and set sail.
The fact that we had never owned or sailed a boat before were minor details.
For the last 20 years we have lived in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

About Jo

I  am a geordie lass. Born and bred in the north east, I ran away to the glamorous world of showbiz at 18. Well, I became a stage manager in the theatre, and the glamour part never showed up, but I had fun.
Whilst touring the UK with a 70’s rock musical in 1984, I met Rob and the rest is history. I love scuba diving and travel. I’m a staunch environmentalist and have a deep hated of all things plastic. Don’t ever offer me a straw. I love to laugh and have a somewhat warped sense of humour. I also love life onboard Double Trouble.
Any regrets? Only one. That we didn’t do it sooner.

About Rob

I was born in London but lived in the Algarve until i was seventeen. I was not overly into education, but had a real interest in theatre lighting. So after studying stage management and theatre lighting, i got my first professional job as a sound engineer on a 70’s rock musical!
Found a good ‘un in Jo and we have been a pretty good buddy team ever since. I introduced Jo to diving in the late 90’s and we have been fortunate enough to dive some pretty special places over the years.