“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”.

Virginia Woolf

We LOVE to Eat 

We  follow a plant- based diet and we love our grub!   Provisioning in remote locations can sometimes lead to us being more imaginative  with our food combinations,  but we never, ever go hungry. 

  • Maple Oat Banana Bread
    Bananas on a boat are said to be unlucky. this is likely due to them all ripening at the same time. watching a bunch 'cascade' … Read more
  • Double Trouble Vegan Gravy
    For those cooler evenings – a rib-sticking meal of sausage and mash or meatloaf might be on the cards. This gravy is the perfect accompaniment. … Read more
  • Peanut Butter Energy bites
    More Energy! Perfect for that mid morning snack or pick me up after a snorkel. Using only five ingredients, they are handy on your store … Read more
  • Black Bean Chilli
    A warming and nutritious chilli stew – ideal after a long days sail, or when exploring NZ coastal waters. Ingredients 250 grams Tempeh, chopped / … Read more
  • Vegan Mayonnaise
    This is a really easy way to make your own Mayo. It means you do not have to stock another condiment jar, and makes use … Read more
  • Ginger energy balls
    A lovely sweet treat with a hearty hit of ginger spice. No added sugar gives a handy energy boost for night watches or during a … Read more
  • Apple Pie Almond Butter Balls
    These are a really nice sweet treat. Either as an after diner snack or as pick-me-up over an afternoon coffee. Ingredients Batter 1 cup (75g) dried … Read more
  • Rye Bread
    Fresh bread on a boat is a bit of a luxury. We have always had a preference for a sourdough style of bread, but keeping … Read more
  • Chilli, cheese and rosemary polenta with tomato sauce
    Modified from ‘River Cottage Veg’.  This is a great way to cook Polenta. Well flavoured and seasoned and nicely caramelised.  Obviously the cheese would be … Read more