Double Trouble is here!

I’ll post a bit of a history around the decision to buy a boat and the purchase of ‘Double Trouble’ in a few days, but for now the most exciting thing is that she is finally here in Australia. She left Genoa in Italy on 1st November and arrived by container ship into Sydney docks late on Sunday 4th December.

DT getting lifted in Genoa

Our lovely representative from Multihull Solutions, Michael ( AKA ‘Nod’), was down on the docks first thing today, to organise her unloading and get her safely manoeuvred into the water. He is currently motoring her to a marine yard just around the corner, so that he can install her mast and check her over. His initial reports are that she is in great shape after her long journey, but she needs a bit of a wash. Lets face it , who doesn’t after 6 weeks at sea?

The plan from here is that Rob and I will fly down to Sydney on Saturday and step on board our new home for the first time. Are we excited? Just a tad…. We then have a few days of prep ahead of us before our delivery Captain, Tim , arrives on Wednesday. All being good with the weather, we will set off the same day to sail the 450 nautical miles or so back to Brisbane.

Rob and I have done a bit of sailing, but are a LONG way off from being experienced enough to do an offshore sail like this one, so not only will Captain Tim keep us on the straight and narrow, he will also teach us a few things on the way. I think it may be called ‘A baptism of fire’
Stay tuned…..

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