Meeting Double Trouble

After a very early start we grabbed an Uber to the  domestic terminal to catch our flight to Sydney. We had quite a bit of luggage with us as we had to take sleeping bags and pillows and basic kitchen essentials that would will need for the journey back up to Brisbane.

The flight was on time and uneventful and we were soon touching down in Sydney.

We collected our bags and called Steve at the Multihull office to let him know that we were on our way. He told us that the electrician was still on board, sorting out the rewiring to the mast, so our first sighting of our beautiful new home was to be delayed! No matter, we hailed a cab over to the office at Sydney City Marine where Steve very kindly lent us his car so that we could go and grab some breakfast.

Fast forward a few hours and we were back at the office and finally walking down towards the berth that was home to DT. She was very grubby after her journey but she was in great shape. It felt good to finally step on board. We still couldn’t believe she was ours. The electrician was just finishing up, so twenty minutes later we cast off the dock lines and Steve manoeuvred us out into the bay for the short journey over to Birkenhead Marina.

We took the opportunity to use Steve’s parking skills and pulled alongside the fuel dock to top up the tanks ready for our departure. Once done, Steve parked beautifully in the marine berth and bade us farewell. 

Safely moored at Birkenhead Marina. A rose between too thorns!

When we went to connect our shore power the cable turned out to be a Euro one and didn’t  fit the marina shore power point. Not a great discovery to make at 4pm on a Saturday. Rob made a few calls and managed to track down a fairly local electrical shop  that was open on a Sunday, so  the following morning took an Uber to the store to track down the parts, he had us up and running .

In the meantime the marina was literally a few minutes walk to the shopping centre, which was very handy for us to stock up with food and wine and last minute bits and bobs. we were even able to bring the shopping trolley down the ramp and back to the boat.

First trolley load of supplies.

We spent the rest of the afternoon stocking up and cleaning and finally cracked a well deserved beer whilst watching the first sunset on our own boat.

We only had two nights booked in the marina, as that was all they could offer us. At $176 per night this was no great shame. Being the lead up to Christmas, all the marinas in the area were super busy and are taking advantage of the demand to charge silly money. So, on Monday we are moving to an anchorage close by to  wait for Tim and Sandy to arrive on Wednesday morning.

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