Southbound from Cairns

Can’t believe we left Cairns over a month ago! We have been super shabby at posting updates here, so its time to try and play catch up….

Our NZ departure date was getting closer, so we had to begin our southbound trip.

We had a great overnight sail from Cairns down to Magnetic island.

We then spent few days in Horseshoe Bay while waiting for the strong SE headwinds to die out. It was as ever, a hugely sociable time and chance to catch up with old friends ( both two legged and four ) and to make new ones.

Once the wind abated, we made haste for Airlie Beach. Another overnight sail and a chance to do some re-provisioning and top up the tanks.

Airlie is great, but very crowded, so once we had stocked the larder ,we headed for Turtle bay for a couple of days. We chad just dropped the hook when Andy and Elaine on ‘Twoflower’ and Mark and Teresa on ‘Sana Solia’ sailed in. We hadn’t seem either of them for a good few months, so sundowners on the beach for a catch up was obviously obligatory.

From Turtle Bay we continued to Brampton island. It seemed a fairly unassuming anchorage as we dropped anchor at dusk, but the following morning we realised what a beautiful place it was. White sandy beaches and turquoise water and all to ourselves…

However, no rest for the wicked and winds dictated that we press on further south. Once again we upped anchor and headed to Keswick island. Once underway we set the sails, turned on the autopilot and settled into some lunch. Just as we finished eating, we encountered a baby whale being taught how to breach by momma. A beautiful sight. As we pulled into our anchorage, who should be there but Sue and John on ‘Imagine’. More sundowners please!

The next day we saw another fine example of nature – two very large turtles shagging on the surface. Not quite as majestic as the whales..

An important date was looming, so we set sail for Middle Percy Island where we had a lovely few days in the most stunning of bays, celebrating Robs birthday. One of our favourite anchorages of the trip.