One year afloat

The 10th of December 2017 marked the one year anniversary of us first setting foot onto DT. 

In that time we have sailed 4300 nautical miles, including  Sydney to Brisbane, Brisbane to Cairns and back and completed our first ocean crossing from Brisbane to the beautiful Bay of Islands in NZ. 

Not a bad 12 months for two people who had never sailed before. 

We have met some awesome people and made lifelong friends. We are always learning and truly appreciate the advice and help we have been given along the way. 

Here are some of the things we have learned   

  • Never open a hatch when underway.  You will get doused in cold salty water just as you step out of your nice hot shower
  • The toilet will never block after number ones, but always after number twos
  • It is possible to run aground in a marina. 
  • Always check your bowline is tied nicely to the dinghy after washing your painter. 
  • Always attach a safety line when changing the shackle on the anchor. 
  • Dolphins and whales visiting the boat never gets old 
  • Re sunsets- the  fabled Green Flash does happen. We saw it. It was awesome 
  • There is nothing quite like a full moon and a sky full of stars completely unadulterated by  any light from land. 
  • no matter how big the anchorage, some twat will come and drop his hook right next to you.
  • The gas bottle will always run out halfway through cooking dinner. 
  • Beating upwind is never fun. After 10 days it especially wearing. 
  • ‘heaving to’ is a top idea. Especially while trying to cook dinner in lumpy seas. 
  • After an ocean crossing , you can smell land well before you see it.
  • Yachties are top people. Our social life has never been better.