Rocking in Rocky Bay

Well it’s been an interesting week in the Hauraki gulf.
We left Waihaorangatahi Bay on Motuihe Island ( try saying that after a G and T) on Tuesday .
There was a bit of weather forecast for Wednesday and Thursday ( ex Cyclone Fehi was going to kiss the north island) , so we headed for a more protected anchorage . Our trusty ‘Cruising New Zealand ‘ Guide assured us that Awaawaroa Bay on Waiheke was a good option to sit out the 40 knot nor’ easters that were forecast to come through.
We found a lovely spot , tucked behind a headland which just happened to be slap bang in front of a holiday cottage on the nearby beach . I’m sure we merely enhanced their view of the sunset. 😎
The lunar eclipse wasn’t visible on Wednesday night thanks to the crappy weather which had started to roll in. Thursday was declared a duvet day as the wind howled and the rain belted down, but at least it gave DT ’s decks a good wash.
This morning we awoke to sun and blue skies We moved over to the western side of the bay as the wind had shifted to the SW and it was getting a bit rolly. We had a jolly productive morning , doing super exciting things like cleaning the galley and making fresh water.
After lunch we decided make plans as to where to move on to tomorrow, to do some exploring. A quick check of the forecast soon put paid to that. A gale warning had been issued for Saturday -NE at 35 -40 knots going Southerly 40 -45 knots. Oh goody. 😜
There was no chance we could stay where we were as the bay is wide open to the south. Time was pressing on if we were to move today , so out came the guide book again. Trying to find an anchorage protected from the current 25 knot westerly, and the forecast NE and then Southerly was not an easy task. Rob finding the butter in the fridge is more likely ……
Any road up -Rocky Bay seemed our best and closest option. We hoiked up the anchor and motored out of our lovely protected bay and into 30 knot headwinds and 2 meter seas.
And here we are. Anchor down. The bay is totally open to the west, so we are are rolling about like a rolly thing on rolly day until this westerly fecks off later this evening. ( Check out the video) However, we should be nicely protected from tomorrow’s big blow. Who said cruising in NZ would be dull?
Now, did someone say sundowner ? 🍷

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