What do you do all day?

We have been asked a few times what we do with our days. It is normally asked by people who think we must get bored as there is nothing to do. 😎

Well, we are currently anchored in a lovely Bay just beside Mansion House on Kawau Island. and here is a quick rundown of what we did today:

  • Worked out for an hour (to a ‘insanity’ DVD by ‘SeanT’- I highly recommend it 🤪 )
  • Quick shower and breakfast- Did two loads of laundry and hung out
  • Filled and tested the newly repaired Honda generator – plugged it into the boat power and switched on the hot water heating
  • Repaired a small leak in the port engine room
  • Re-secured the shower screen in the ensuite
  • Set up the desalinator / watermaker and made approximately 360 litres of water
  • Made a fresh batch of hummus for lunch
  • Prepared a chickpea flour concoction for tomorrows dinner
  • Made a fresh batch of ‘Apple pie almond butter balls ‘ (Yum)
  • Chatted to our neighbour about the easiest place to get to in order to re-provision.
  • Fed the ducks ( three times)
  • Made a vegan Shepard’s pie for dinner
  • Poured a large G and T (Jo) and a large rum ( Me)

So we had no time to go for a walk onshore, explore the beautiful countryside and read our books. Guess we will have to do that tomorrow 🙂

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