Sailing Tonga What do you do all day? A Hectic Week in Ha’apai. EP17

We are often asked what we do all day onboard Double Trouble. It kind of depends if we are on passage or on anchor, but after two years of living onboard, we haven’t had a dull day yet! 

In this particular week, we spend time exploring the golden sand beaches and palm tree lined tropical islands of the Ha’apai group. 

Kayaking, paddle boarding and hiking keep us out of mischief.  We visit customs to complete our check in and visit the local markets. We attend a church service and chat with the locals. Darren the drone also gets his first flight and Rob tries his hand at coconut shucking. We provide medical supplies to a fellow cruiser and still manage to fit in some socialising and a birthday celebration. 

Footage from June and July 2018