EP37 Jumping Ship!  Exploring Raja Ampat

This week we abandon ‘Double Trouble’ to spend time on another boat. 

We fly from Auckland to Sorong in West Papua and move onboard  the Indonesian Siren dive liveaboard boat. . 

We meet up with our friends Penny, Peter and trip directors Ed and Shu for 11 days of absolutely awesome diving around the Raja Ampat Archipelago. 

We dive with sharks, Mantas, turtles, barracuda, bat-fish and octopus to name a few. There are too many fish to mention, let alone count!.

We also sadly witness the huge plastic problem affecting our oceans, even in this remote part part of the world. 

After 32 spectacular dives, we say a sad farewell to old and new friends and travel back to Auckland, where we resume work on our  outstanding boat projects on Double Trouble.

Footage from January 2019