EP41 The Day the Mast Came Down!

This week we are in the Bay of Islands preparing DT to head offshore to Fiji and beyond. 

We have an annual rig check done by Rob at Northland Spars and Rigging and he identifies a couple of  major issues!  Unfortunately , the only way to fix them  is to take the mast down !  

Not cheap or quick, but along with the sails and the engines,  the mast and rigging is one of the most critical components on a sail boat. Making sure it is in tip top condition is crucial . 

So we bite the bullet, hand over wads of cash and take the mast down. 

Another vital ( and expensive) system onboard is our house battery bank.  We have a major issue when one of our Victron MPPT solar controllers goes haywire and fries our less than two year old batteries. Not our best week . 

Especially when Victron deny any responsibility for subsequent damages and refuse to help out with new batteries….

Footage fromApril 2019