We BROKE The BANK! Re-Rigging and Re-Powering. EP42

Our most Expensive week EVER! They say BOAT stands for Bring Out Another Thousand and they aren’t wrong! 

With the mast on its side, we take the opportunity to give the electrical systems a good service and overhaul. replacing the running lights, fixing the VHF aerial, topping and tailing the halyard and adding several more  cars to the sail track ,to make reefing and dropping the sail easier. 

We replace our two year old batteries ( ouch!  ) after a faulty Victron Solar Controller renders them almost useless. 

In for a penny , in for pound – so we add dedicated starter batteries to each engine 

We also decide to update our alternator charging system by adding two DC to DC inverter chargers. 

We melt down the credit cards and replace our seagull striker -which turns out to be a good investment as we discover several strands of wire are broken.

 The mast is finally put back on. Re-Rig and Re -power complete. 

Bank account empty ….

Footage from May 2019