Tech Tips: Engine Checks

Being a catamaran, we have two auxiliary engines on Double Trouble. These are a three cylinder, 30 Horsepower Volvo D1-30F this is connected to a sail drive which turns a three bladed Volvo folding propeller.

Typically we use one engine when cruising or motor sailing. At 2000RPM we do about 5 knots and use 2 litres of diesel per hour.

The following is based on a mid size engine frame up to 100Hp. Most of the following applies to all engine sizes, but certain hourly requirements may change depending on engine size. Mainly due to smaller engines having higher rev ranges, thus the hours tend to be less for certain maintenance schedules. Please compensate to suit your engine size. 

Please Note: 
This is a guideline only. Your engine manufacturer may have a specified maintenance schedule that needs to be followed for purposes of Warranty. Please ensure you follow your manufacturers requirements, which take priority over this list, or your warranty may become void. 


  • Check Coolant in Header tank
  • Check sump Oil level.
  • Check Gearbox oil level. Inspect oil for signs of water and burnt (overheated) smells.
  • Check oil pressures when engine is started.
  • Check water trap and ensure raw water is flowing at start up.
  • Check Fuel water trap if fitted.
  • Check Turbo boost pressure if fitted.
  • Every 200hrs or 12 months. 
  • Drain and replace Engine Oil. 
  • Renew oil filter.
  • Clean Air filter if fitted.
  • Check Drive belt tension
  • Check and clean water trap
  • Check for oil leaks around engine.
  • Grease Angle drive gear box connection of mechanical rev counter if fitted.

Every 200-400hrs or 12 months

  • Replace fuel filters 
  • Inspect Fuel tank if possible for contamination.
  • Check hose clamps and hoses.
  • Change Gearbox oil
  • Replace Raw water pump impeller.
  • For turbo’d engines, Every 800hrs
  • Check turbocharger Compressor/Turbine blades.
  • Clean Turbo diffuser
  • Check oil drain pipe
  • Change engine Anodes if fitted. 
  • Change Heat exchanger Anodes if fitted. 

Every 2400 hrs

  • Have starter motor and alternator serviced.
  • Have Fuel Injectors serviced and calibrated. In some cases, Fuel injector Pump should also be considered for servicing. 
  • Have Valve clearances checked and adjusted if required.
  • Check Idle speed and general performance of engine.

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