EP49 Sunshine, Squalls and Dragging Anchor

We continue to explore Fiji’s Northern Lau group of islands. This week we wave goodbye to Daliconi village, having been gifted a lovely pair of breadfruit 😉 and spend time anchored in the ‘Bay of Islands’.

We enjoy beautiful sunny days, and go out exploring on the paddleboards. Dave the dinghy takes us further afield , and we tootle around the many hidden bays and lagoons.

The weather takes a turn for the worse and after a squally night with winds gusting from 6 knots to over 37 knots, we drag our anchor. Very scary, but lesson learned.

We take a short sail around the headland to Bavatu Harbour, where we set our stern anchor to enable us to settle into a tight little cove at the head of the bay. Just stunning.

Footage from August 2019