EP50 Stairs, Snakes and Sunday Lunch

This week, we hike the longest staircase in Fiji, before heading around the East coast of Vanua Balavu to Lomaloma in order to re -stock a few bits and bobs in the larder.

After a quick stop, we continue around to the sheltered anchorage in front of Susui village. As is the custom, we once again present our sevusevu to the chief and are warmly encompassed into the lives of the locals. Jacob, the village headman, invites us for Sunday lunch, and we enjoy a fabulous meal of delicious island specialities. We also find a small, but slippery stowaway on a friends dinghy

After two weeks , we sadly have to wave farewell to take advantage of a beautiful weather window to sail south towards Fulaga and the Southern Lau.

Footage from August 2019