Fifty in Fulanga – Jo’s Desert Island Birthday! EP52

In this episode we continue to enjoy village life and explore desert islands. We meet  Soki the village headman who invites all the visiting yachts along to a village picnic. And in the tradition of all great picnics, it is a very wet day!

We explore the Cave of Skulls and climb to the lookout behind the village. We then spend a lovely afternoon chatting with Tai – covering topics ranging from the best drinking coconut, the origin of the skulls and the best way to prepare some of the local veggies.

We partake in some Kava for Tai’s birthday, and celebrate Jo’s 50th birthday with good friends on our very own desert island. 

With favourable weather forecast,  we finally bid a fond farewell to Fulanga and make our way Westwards towards Suva , Fiji’s capital city. 

Footage from August 2019.