Mantas, Sunday Lunch and Survivor – Exploring Ono Island. EP54

This week we leave Suva and head south to Kadavu and Ono Islands. Jo has a rant at the rogue fishing boats enroute and we put the anchor down in our own private bay at Yakuve Lailai Island. Here we explore the crystal clear water and head ashore to stagger and stumble up a very steep slope whilst wearing flip flops . We make it to a wonderful lookout to take in the view around the island.

After waiting for the ‘Survivor’ film crew to finish filming on a nearby ‘desert’ island, we continue south to Vorulevu island and go for a swim with a beautiful manta ray.

We are plagued with changeable weather , so we move again and tuck into the gorgeous Nabouwalu Bay, on the west side of Ono. We head ashore to the village and after presenting our Sevusevu to the chief, we have a wander around the village. Not only do we get to see the local hot spring, but get invited to Sunday lunch with the village headman Issac and his family.

We had hoped to dive the Alacrity rocks, but weather and the conditions just weren’t in our favour and with stronger windy weather forecast, we decide to head back to Suva to sit it out.

Footage from September 2019