Lows and Highs (Rainy Days and Rookie Crew). EP55

We leave Suva on a very grey and miserable day, but enjoy a pleasant downwind sail towards Pacific Harbour, where we are picking up our friends Richard and Cushla.

They join us for a few days aboard and we escape the marina to head towards Beqa Island.

The sun finally shows it face, so we enjoy some snorkelling and some of Rich’s VERY large gin and tonics.

We also see evidence of the pumice raft that has floated on the oceans currents all the way from Tonga. It was caused by an eruption of an underwater volcano back in August. Its not nearly as big as it was then, but there’s still an awful lot of it around.

After a few days of fun in the sun, yet another low is forecast, so we have to head back towards Pacific Harbour earlier than intended.

Such a shame, but we have a flight to catch……

Enjoy this video? Watch it again: https://youtu.be/3IqpMinDsgQ

Footage from September 2019


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