Tuvalu – A Tiny Country with a Big Heart

After four weeks in the tiny country of Tuvalu, we are moving on. As ever, our journey is dictated by the weather and we have some easterly winds forecast for the next few days that should make for a some pleasant sailing some 700nm north towards Kiribati .

We have had a wonderful time here in Funafuti The people here are incredibly friendly and generous.
We have visited the markets, chatted with the locals, been given gifts of bananas and breadfruit and have generally been made to feel extremely welcome. These folks don’t have a lot, but the sense of community is fantastic.

Did we mention how hot it is here? Most days sees the temperature hit 33 degs and the nights are not much much cooler. The sea breezes are a joy and the regular rain squalls are very welcome. Not only a free shower and a top up to the water tanks , but a great way to cool off.
We have swum several times a day in the warm water and on occasion have been lucky enough to be joined by manta rays and dolphins. We’ve enjoyed amazing sunsets and stunning sunrises . We’ve laid on the deck and gazed up at the stars and the milky Way. It amazing what you see when there’s no light pollution from a big city to mar the view. We’ve also endured horrible choppy swell and roll in the anchorage when the wind has changed direction, so it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but its’ a minor annoyance. It’s going to be hard to leave .

But leave we must. We are weighing anchor first thing tomorrow and onwards to pastures new. There is even an equator crossing in our future. The next time we post , we will have transitioned from Pollywogs to Shellbacks. But that’s a story for another day….. In the meantime, here are a few piccies of our time here. (And you can follow our adventures on our YouTube channel too 😊)

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