EP65 Fish Trap and the Death of our Drone!

We leave Abaiang Atoll, Kiribati and head back to the main atoll of Tarawa in order to get a measles booster. We both had measles when we were younger, but have no documentation to prove it. Due to a serious measles outbreak in the Pacific region, we needed to show immunisation proof to the Marshall Islands health department upon arrival. So we headed to Tarawa hospital and saw the lovely nurses in the health clinic. Easy peasy and free. We see in the new Decade with a very quiet night and welcome 2020 with a stunning sunrise . We take the opportunity to stock up on some supplies and head over to the much more pleasant anchorage in North Tarawa. Here we explore the gold sand beaches and clear blue inlets.. We take advantage of the view with Darren the drone. Due to a very unfortunate piloting error, we crash land in the shallows. Even after much intensive care , Darren doesn’t make it. .After 2 years, thousands of pictures and hours of footage we had to lay him to rest. RIP Darren, you will be missed.

Footage from January 2020.


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