Stuff BREAKS; We FIX It – The Boat Jobs Never End! EP69

This week we are enjoying time in Majuro Atoll. After nearly a year of cruising, we take the opportunity to complete a few boat projects. Majuro has good access to hardware shops and the US postal system, so we have better access to spares and supplies.

Project One:

Reinforcing our escape hatches. There is a manufacturer recall on our Goiot escape hatches. Until we get new lenses sent to us, we are required to strengthen the attachment of the lens to the frame. This requires us to source the parts, use the angle grinder to cut aluminium plates and drill through the perspex lens so we can bolt it all together. Fortunately we complete the work with no issue and still have a waterproof boat at the end of the day! Always a good result when making holes in the boat!

Project Two:

Re-attaching part of our kitchen bench. A repair that was done to our bench wears out so a stainless steel upstaged ‘falls out’. We much skill and copious amount of silicone sealant the skipper manages to get it all re-installed.

Project Three:

The backed up toilet. Plumbing on a boat is pretty serious stuff…especially when there is a blockage. There is some debate as to the cause of the blockage, but there is no doubt that the captain did a great job (eventually) clearing the pipes.

Project Four:

A broken washing machine. With a loud grinding noise and the smell of hot rubber our washing machine signalled that it needed some attention. We spent quite some time diagnosing the problem and attempting to fix the spider that attached to the drum. We called in the welding expertise of a local auto repair shop, but it was no use. The repair was terminal. So we stripped the machine for its parts and after three years of excellent service we are now using buckets to do our laundry!

Project Five:

Let there be light! There is a lot of strip lighting in our galley, but it had yellowed with age and some of the resistors looked like they were starting to get quite hot. So it was time to replace them. A fairly quick job, but it needed steady hands to solder the new connections and then stick the new lights down. Another successful job done and a much brighter galley! A win-win!

Project Six:

We were definitely on a roll, so time to finish big and replace the fridge seals. After looking at the replacement seals for a year and writing the job off as ‘ a bit complicated’ it turned out to be a really quick process. Remove the old seal, clean the door groove and apply the new seal. After a few days the seals were not staying in place, so applying a touch of ‘super glue’ at key points did the trick!.

Six weeks in Majuro was plenty of time to get boat projects done and re-stock the larder. A nice reset before going out exploring and seeing what else the Marshall Islands had to offer.

Footage from February 2020


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