EP75 From Workshop to Water – Building and Sailing Traditional Pacific Canoes

When an awesome traditionally designed pacific canoe anchors next to us at Eneco in Majuro, we post about it on our social media feeds. We are contacted by Henrik who is teaching a three month course on canoe building at W.A.M. (Waan Aelon in Majel) a boat and canoe building school in Majuro.

We have seen a range of local canoes in our travels around the Pacific so we are pleasantly surprised to see a real passion and interest in building sailing craft in the Marshall Islands.

The Three month course Henrik and Rob are teaching is focused on giving the students the skills and knowledge they need so they can go back to their homes on the outer islands and work on building their own sailing craft.

Two designs were chosen to best represent a more modern approach to building – a Catamaran design loosely based on a Wharram Tiki 21 and an Australian design called a Harrproa. Henrik and Rob go for a fast sail across the Majuro lagoon to show off the suspension system on a traditional sailing canoe.

Links http://proas.is/

Footage from February and March 2020


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