Repairing, Refuelling and Restocking after Ailuk Adventures.

We have had a busy time in Majuro after getting back from Ailuk Atoll. Having been cruising for the last 14 months  so we have a few maintenance items that have become a bit of a priority. 

We have had a small leak in our water maker for the last couple of months and it turns out that the packing needed replacing. These stop the high pressure pump leaking. We also took the chance to give the water maker a full service – packings, impeller and oil change. The results have been astonishing – we are now making much more water per hour and the pump is a lot quieter. Result!

We have also refilled our diesel and petrol tanks, replaced one of our alternator DC Inverter chargers which faulted on us, changed diesel filters on the engines, and serviced the winches. Phew! 

We have restocked the boat, made some cabbage and white radish kimchee (which is VERY morish!) We’ve done masses of  laundry and we have had a bit of a spring clean of DT – we do seem to accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’ on our travels.

After all that hard work we decided to  enjoy a few evenings ‘out of town’ at the Anemonet anchorage.

Things have not always gone according to plan. The other day we had some parcels to pick up at the post office. I took Dave (the dinghy!) to shore the other day and managed to hit a plank full of nails, one of which ripped a three centimetre hole in Dave!  We have spent three days trying to apply a patch using a locally sourced glue. 

We thought we had patched him up , ran a few errands – refilling our gas (butane) tanks and a run to the shops when we heard a ‘psssst’ and realised our repair had let go. So today we moved Dave onto the front of the boat and cleaned up all the old glue. We have found what we think is the proper contact adhesive (to give it its proper name) and will be attempting our fourth (and hopefully final!) repair.

Today we were planning to go out for dinner, but a weather system has blown in this afternoon from the west, from which this anchorage is unprotected, so  we are bucking around in 20+ knots and will be staying onboard for the evening… a simple meal from the galley will have to suffice.

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