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We are Jo and Rob and we are here to share our sailing adventures with you.

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In 2016, inspired by the likes of ‘Delos’, ‘Sailing La Vagabonde’ and ‘Gone with The Wynns’,  we sold up everything we owned and bought our 40ft, Fountaine Pajot ‘Lipari 41 Evo’  sailing catamaran ‘Double Trouble’. We had no sailing experience whatsoever, so the past few years have been a huge learning curve. 

We thought it might be fun to document our travels for anyone thinking of following a similar lifestyle.

So far we have visited 7 different countries and sailed over 13,000 nautical miles. 

We have had many unique experiences that would not have been possible in our prior life and we don’t regret a second. 

We’re both super keen on protecting our precious environment, so amongst other things, we both follow a plant based diet. You wont find any fishing footage on this channel! 

Join us as we continue our salty travels around the world.

About Jo

Originally from the North East of England, I ran away to the glamorous world of showbiz at 18. I became a theatre Stage Manager, although the glamour part never showed up, I had a lot of fun.

In 1994 , whilst touring the UK with a 70’s rock musical , I met Rob. He turned out to be my soul mate and we got hitched in 1998 . Best day ever.

I love scuba diving and am at my happiest when under the ocean hanging out with the fish. I’m a staunch environmentalist and have a deep hatred of all things plastic. I’m vegan and proud of it. I love to laugh and have a warped sense of humour. I also love life onboard Double Trouble.

Any regrets? Only one. That we didn’t do it sooner.

About Rob

I was born in London but lived in the Algarve in Portugal until I was seventeen. I was not overly into education, but had a real interest in technical theatre. I got my first professional job as a sound engineer on a 70’s rock musical where Jo and I met.

I Found a good ‘un in Jo and we have been a pretty good buddy team ever since. I introduced Jo to diving in the late 90’s and we have been fortunate enough to dive some pretty special places over the years.

Living onboard Double Trouble has its challenges, but nothing beats being able to dive off the back of your house.

Loving life and wouldn’t change a thing.